About BHB

Welcome to Big Haint Blue- Just a little magazine of thoughts and experiences put together by a busy fellow when he has a little time on his hands and a muse on the edge of his mind. This is a personal blog. Simple, non-commercial, and intended for the enjoyment of a community of like minded souls.

haint [heynt] n. Southern colloquialism def., a ghost, apparition, lost soul.

haint blue [heynt blu] n. A bluish-green hue used on the floors and ceilings of Southern porches and around windows. Believed to protect homes by warding off evil spirits, wary of crossing ‘water’. Also useful for keeping away insects and birds nest, the pleasant color gives a man musing in a rocking chair the appearance of sky above.

big haint blue [big heynt blu] n. A blog written and edited by Will Kelly, titled for his love for sitting on a porch and staring into the big ceiling above.

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