Welcome to Big Haint Blue.

Big Haint Blue was born in 2013 as a desire for a little musing and creative expression. The “Blog” born with no purpose, no agenda, no plan- essentially disorganized, unseen. I walked away. In the Spring of 2020, I decided to put the paddles on BHB and do a little CPR. With a busy life, kids, job, and saving time TO DO the good stuff I’m writing about, I decided to keep the same old design- but add content.

If you were paying for this, you would be pissed off at all the grammatical errors. If you were paying for this I would hire an editor-

I welcome you to come on the porch.

Warm Regards,


One thought on “About

  1. Where do you find the time?

    Great job !!!!

    It was a true pleasure having the chance to be a part of the hunt this year. Thanks again.


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