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Chicken Legs!

They are pretty. Kids love them. Okay, everybody loves them. Here are my Frenched and Smoked Chicken Legs.img_0441

Prepare Grill with Lump Charcoal and Hickory Chunks. Set up indirect heat and get it smoking at 200 degrees.

Prepare Chicken Legs by cutting off the “knuckle” with heavy kitchen shears. Push the meat down into a ball. If you want to keep the bone white, cover it with foil.

Cook for about three hours- just before the meat seems to fall off of the bone.

As far as sauce goes– well that’s pretty personal and in my case confidential. I believe that a vinegar based pepper sauce drizzled over tastes best. Lord knows, don’t buy some catsupy stuff in a bottle from the grocery store and ruin your work!

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