Welcome to Big Haint Blue

Welcome. In 2013, my resolution was to write my first novel– so I did. I’d never written much before and found great pleasure in the process, especially the thought process. The book was titled Providence: A Story. The result reached 80,000 words and I left it off in the editing process. Perhaps it will be an obscure gift for my grandkids. In 2014, my new resolution was to begin editing and writing a blog– Big Haint Blue: Musings from Across the Porch was born. It was a simpler task blogging after pouring over a laptop writing that long book of stories. Why? Because I muse, a lot. I sit back and think, I think in unspoken diatribes and polemics. I make mental journal entries about things I celebrate. I have this strange desire to write and share. Big Haint Blue is intended to be for those that find a certain niche interesting; a home base for the deep musings about the things a Southern fellow does and thinks about: being outside, food, drink, music, the sporting life, and Southern culture. Without much direction, I left BHB in the dust after a few months of activity. I just didn’t have direction. I didn’t have a purpose.

I’m Back.

May 30th, 2020- I with a nudge from a few pals, I dropped a post on BHB. No new skins, buttons or features- just a six year gap in the entry feed. In the past months, I have enjoyed some guest writing on friend’s blogs and as a ghost writer in a few outdoor publications. I remembered the rewarding reason I sat down to write. I have helped a few friends with small and local businesses stay visible on social media through the Corona Lockdown. That felt good. No worries, I don’t intend to move forward as a monetized, commercial blog. It’s just me, musing- across the porches where I daydream.


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