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Ode to the Bloody Mary

Trimmin' Collards

Trimmin’ Collards

Happy New Years Day everyone! Yes, in case you didn’t know it is National Bloody Mary Day (and who the hell cares?)– but it makes sense. I guess there are people dragging out of bed everywhere looking to rekindle. Personally, I’ve got a little Julia Child in me, I like a cocktail while I’m cooking. The good luck meal is one of my favorite eats and by far one of my favorite days in the kitchen. Turns out it’s going to take all day, so I’m drinking one this morning. No, I don’t have a hang-over. Yes, it turns out 90% of the ingredients are already on the counter for my meal.  I’m in the kitchen boiling collard greens with fatback and vinegar (can you smell it neighbor?), those black-eyed peas have soaked all night and woke up chubby and ready for some lovin’. I’m thinking about a killer cornbread recipe I’m going to whip up with cracklin’s and broccoli in it. The main event is the Jambalaya, shrimp and real andouille I’ve been keeping in the freezer with some peppers from the garden. There are onions, celery, lemons and limes  . . .  I’ve had two Bloody Marys.

{And you know what that means- time to stop drinking or switch to something else.} 

Bloody Marys are funny, you can have one and if it’s really good sneak in a second one, but if it’s time for a third you’ve got to admit to yourself one of two things: 1) You’re about to drink too much for morning, or 2) You’re about to drink too much for morning so switch to something else. Grab a beer, I think I’ll lay low and keep it at two.

Foam Cup BloodySo before I go, a Bloody Mary suggestion or two:

1. If you are not making it from scratch but want a hearty Bloody, Zing-Zang is the go to.

2. If you want a homespun recipe here it is: 3 parts Clamato,  1 part Vodka, Dash of Worcestershire, Dollop of Horseradish, Dash of Tabasco, garnish with anything pickled (Okra, Olives, etc.) + a lime wedge and a celery stalk. Serve over crushed ice in a tall glass.

3. If you don’t have a preference for vodka but want a good one, try Texas-made Tito’s.

4. If you want to really kick it up with heat, sriracha– of course.

May the New Year come with much Luck, Fortune, Joy!


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